Mustapha MOUFLIH


  • Institution:
    FSBM- Hassan II University of Casablanca
  • Scientific competencies:
    Geology, Sedimentology, Geochemistry, Environment


Mustapha MOUFLIH is currently a professor at the Hassan II University of Casablanca. He received his degrees in geology from Cadi Ayyad University (B.A, DESS, Postgraduate Doctorate and Ph.D.). For the past thirty years, MOUFLIH has worked in the fields of sedimentology and geochemistry applied to the exploration, exploitation and valorization of Moroccan phosphate as sorbent material for environmental protection. He has published and gave presentations on Moroccan phosphates, Entrepreneurship, project management and his recent work has focused on the application of sequence stratigraphy to study the dynamic of sedimentary phosphates.