Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Institution:
    Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik – Hassan II University of Casablanca
  • Scientific competencies:
    Environmental geochemistry, sediment dynamics, Isotopy, Geochronology – radiometric dating, Marine Pollution, Radiochemistry, Sustainability, Blue Growth, Deep-sea mining, and Environmental Impact Assessment


Nezha holds a PhD in Geochemistry and Environment from Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik (FSBM). Currently, she is pursuing her Postdoctoral Fellow at FSBM. She is also involved in research project supported by the IAEA Research Contract CRP K41016. After getting her second Master in Sustainable Blue Growth from University of Trieste and OGS – Italy in 2019, Nezha was admitted to participate in DEEP BLUE Mobility Project, and she will elaborate her project on Deep-sea mining at the Institute of Marine Sciences ISMAR-CNR, Bologna, Italy. Nezha has published notably in the field of Geochemistry and Environment and she has actively participated in several scientific meetings. Nezha contributed to the organization of 10+ international conferences in the field of Environment. She earned many scholarships to participate in conferences and training around the world. In reconnaissance of her excellent research and achievement, Nezha received the prize of the best doctoral dissertation in 2018.