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    Biotechnology Applied to Science & Environment


Ilham MARDAD is a Post-Doc Researcher in AgroBioSciences within the UM6P, currently with her team she is interested in improving soil fertility and enhancing plant growth through Biofertilization & Bioformulation.

Holding a PhD in Biotechnology Applied to Industry & Environment, under the research area of Biology and Health at Hassan II-Ain Chock University, she was working at the Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis IBVF – CSIC (University of Seville, Spain), focusing on the microbiological and physico-chemical quality of samples isolated from phosphate deposits of Morocco: Biotechnological application on Arabidopsis thaliana”. She has expertise in Microbiology & Biochemistry. Ilham is also holder of a DEA-Chemistry in “Water & Sustainable Development” sponsored by the Interdisciplinary UNESCO Chair for Management & Sustainable Development, based in Hassania School of Public Works with the University Hassan II- Aïn Chock Casablanca.