Post doctoral researcher

  • Institution:
    UM6P (HTMR department)
  • Scientific competencies:
    Materials science and engineering: macromolecules and metallurgy


Dr. Itziar Iraola Arregui is a researcher at the department of High throughput multidisciplinary research laboratory, UM6P of Morocco since May 2019. She holds a PhD in materials science and engineering from UN, Spain, 2015. She got her MSc in polymers chemistry from MMU, UK, 2011 and her BSc in Chemistry, specialty macromolecules from UPV, Spain, 2007. Her research focuses on two different branches of materials: polymers and metals (design, synthesis, characterization, properties, waste management, etc.). She has been involved in industrial projects as well as supervising students, teaching, and demonstrating at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She worked as a lab manager developing: Risk assessment, Standard operation protocols, safe working procedures, equipment procurement, maintenance and training. She has been reviewer of several top journals on her field.