Eng. Ph.D. student

  • Institution:
    MSDA - UM6P
  • Scientific competencies:
    Chemical and industrial processes sizing, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling & simulation Project management Quality, security and risk analysis of industrial plants


Miss. Safae El Misaoui is a PhD student in MSDA (Modeling, simulation & Data analysis Program) at UM6P. She obtained her engineering diploma from the National School of Applied Sciences in Khouribga on chemical processes, energy and environment engineering. Thereafter, she worked on the project in titled: Study of the effect of phosphate matrix components on the physico-chemical quality of Triple Super Phosphate fertilizer in collaboration with research center of OCP Group in Jorf LASFAR.
Her fields of research include complex flows, modelling, and numerical simulation using CFD tools. Currently she works on modeling and simulation of the operation units in the production system of phosphate fertilizers.