• Institution:
    Mohammed VI Polytechnic University


Dr. Khalil El Mejahed received his BS (1979) from IAV HII Rabat, Morocco, His MS (1980) in Agronomy from INA Paris Grignon, France, his Agronomist degree (1982) from IAV HII Rabat, Morocco and his Ph.D in Agronomy –soil fertility Management from the University of Lincoln Nebraska, USA, in 1993. He worked as researcher at INRA Morocco and R&D-OCP group and as consultant in private soil testing lab. Currently he is a Full professor of Agronomy at the University Mohammed VI polytechnic of Benguerir, Morocco. His research area is focused on increasing crop yield and stress alleviation through agronomic practices in the arid and semiarid areas. He is more focused on soil fertility management and valorization of natural resources.

Pr Khalil EL MEJAHED fully understands the issues and the challenges related to soil fertility, fertilizer recommendations, soil quality and rehabilitation of degraded soils as well as the use and the evaluation fertilizer products and valorization of phosphate industry by-products in agriculture and soil rehabilitation. He has a great awareness of the economic and environmental issues related to agriculture in general and to natural management resources in particular.