• Institution:
    Mohammed First University, National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA), Oujda & Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Benguérir
  • Scientific competencies:
    Applied Mathematics and Modelling


Imad El Mahi is Professor in Numerical Analysis and Modeling at UM6P and at the National School of Applied Sciences of Oujda. He has supervised several doctoral theses and has been responsible for several research projects, particularly in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean program CNRST-INRIA and the cooperation between the Mohamed First University of Oujda and the University Center for Cooperation (CUD) from Belgium. His research themes mainly revolve around the development, analysis and application of numerical schemes, mainly of finite volumes methods with dynamical mesh adaptation, for fluid mechanic problems and porous media. Coastal hydrodynamics including the transport of pollutants or sediments in lagoons or rivers, the modeling of turbulence in free-surface flows, the estimation of the residence time of tracers in semi-enclosed environments as well as the of droplet combustion phenomena, are also thematic that occupy its current research activities. Elmahi has a sustained publishing activity that has resulted in about fifty publications in international peer-reviewed journals.