• Institution:
    Abdelmalek Essaadi University
  • Scientific competencies:
    Clay minerals identification and functionalization, Synthesis and characterization of clay/polymer nanocomposites, Materials characterization techniques and Calorimetric and electrochemical techniques


Khalid DRAOUI was born in 1964 in Chaouen, Morocco. He received his Ph. D degree in Electrochemistry from the University of Aix-Marseille I, France in 1991 and Moroccan Ph. D. degree in Thermodynamics and Microcalorimetry from Cadi Ayyad University,Marrakech, 1998 in collaboration with CTM-CNRS Marseille -France directed by Prof. Jean Rouquerol.  He joined the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, University Cadi Ayyad UCA-Marrakech in 1991. Later in 2001 he joined the University Abdelmalek Essaadi of Tetouan. Currently, he is a Full Professor. He created and directed the Laboratory of Materials and Interfacial Systems LMIS in 2007. He is Coordinator of Master Industrial Chemistry and Professional Bachelor Clays and Ceramics industry and coordinated Professional Bachelor Industrial Chemistry. Local coordinator of Phosphate Research Network Phoresnet. He was CNRST Expert Evaluator (Materials and Energy) 2015-2018. ANEAQ Evaluator. Reviewer of national and international research projects. His area of research interest includes clay minerals and Layered double hydroxide LDH chemistry, synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites based on clays and polymers, clays and graphene functionalization, adsorptive properties of powders and porous solids, water processing, elaboration of modified electrodes as biosensors and the study of corrosion inhibition of metals. He has more than 45 peer-reviewed publications, 150 conferences participations and his current h-index is 14. He has directed 7 Ph. D degrees. Reviewer of international Ph. D degrees. He is principal researcher in 23 projects (international and national). He reviewed more than 100 research papers for 11 scientific journals. Initiator of several agreements with the socio-economic sector (OCP, Holcim-Lafarge, Jacob Delafon, ceramic industry …). He is involved in  INSITES Erasmus Project (Institutionnalisation des Structures d’Innovation et de Transfert du Savoir). He was member of the scientific committee of national and international scientific meeting..