Prof. Dr. Khalid Bougrin was educated chemistry at University of Mohammed V Rabat (PhD in organic chemistry, 1995). Since 1996 he has held a faculty of science appointment at Mohammed V University (1997: group leader Non-conventional photochemical organic synthesis processes). In 2018, he joined as affiliate Professor the Chemical & Biochemical Sciences. Green Process Engineering (CBS) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, headed by the Dr Rachid Benhida. He was awarded by the first chemistry Junior Prize of the professor Jean Marie Lehn in 1995 (Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1987). Since 2017 he is Director of plant chemistry and organic / bioorganic synthesis Laboratory, at the Faculty of Sciences Rabat. Recently he has joined also of GEOPAC research center, Scientific Institute – UM5 Rabat. His current research interests focus on heterocyclic chemistry including synthetic organic, medicinal/nucleosides, microwave organic synthesis and sonochemistry