Phd Student

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    Mineral resources exploration


Laila Boubkari born in 1993, after her high school graduation in 2011, her interest was focused on geology and mining industry. Then she has been admitted in Faculty of science & technology of Marrakesh, after 2 years of applied acquisition of geology, biology and Chemistry concepts , her interest in geology has been grown and her need to enrich her knowldeges was necessery. In 2015 she got Bachlor’s degree named “Geology Applied to Mineral Resources”.

In order to deepen her skills and explore more data about geology and mining industry, she integrated a Master program dedicated to mining geology, exploration and exploitation of geo ressources.

Actually she is a PhD Student at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Bengurir.

The success in such projects needs management project skills, because of that, she is in continuous self-development by using Project Management Body of Knowledges (PMBOK).