• Institution:
    MINES ParisTech
  • Scientific competencies:
    Processes involving coupled phenomena


Chakib BOUALLOU is currently Full Professor at MINES ParisTech (Ecole des Mines de Paris) and Head of the Gas-Liquid Transfers and Processes (Transferts Gaz Liquide et Procédés) Group at the Energy Efficiency Systems Centre (CES). His activity is dedicated to the treatment of effluents in industrial processes and more particularly in recent years to the capture and recovery of CO2 and the storage of energy in chemical form. He is also co-responsible for the “Processes and Energy” major at MINES ParisTech and Director of specialized Master in Engineering and Management of Gas.

Chakib Bouallou is an expert at the European Commission (H2020), CNRS Interdisciplinary Programs, the National Agency for Research (ANR), SWISS Foundation, F.R.S.-FNRS (Belgium) / JSPS (Japan)…

Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Conference Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction;

Member of “International Editorial Advisory Board” of the Scientific Study & Research Journal;

Member of “International Editorial Advisory Board” Journal of Chemical Engineering Transactions;

Chairman of Franco-Moroccan council of engineers and scientists