Jean-Louis Bodinier

Geology & Sustainable Mining Department Head

  • Institution:
    Professor UM6P (Morocco) – Senior Researcher CNRS (France)
  • Scientific competencies:
    Trace elements fractionation and partitioning during geological and industrial processes. Multi-scale distribution of trace elements in phosphate deposits. Valuable/penalizing trace elements in phosphates and derivatives


After a PhD in geochemistry in 1981 at the University of Montpellier, J.-L. Bodinier started his career at the Mining School of Rabat (ENIM) and then moved back to Montpellier in 1983 as a CNRS Research Scientist to work on REE in deep seated rocks. He has been in charge of the EPMA and ICP-MS facilities and led two research units : the Tectonophysics Laboratory and Geosciences Montpellier. He contributed to the Treatise on Geochemistry with a chapter on REE in mantle rocks but eventually moved his focus to REE as a resource, which led him to work with OCP on REE in phosphates. He joined UM6P in 2017 to launch a geology department and set up a joint, OCP-UM6P laboratory for the analysis of geological materials. He is currently Head of the Geology & Sustainable Mining Department.