Director of European-Netherlands Office IFDC

  • Institution:
    IFDC - Ghana


Dr.Ir. Prem Bindraban MBA develops a global research network to produce innovative fertilizers taking biological processes and advanced bio-nano-chemistry as entry points. These fertilizers improve crop yield and food quality while reducing environmental effects. He leads a research and implementation program in Ghana by building public-private relations for the fertilizer value chain development. Formerly, Bindraban was Director of ISRIC – World Soil Information and team leader Natural Resources at Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands. He was a researcher at the CGIAR centers CIMMYT and IRRI. He contributed to a “Strategic Plan for Agricultural Development in Africa” as associate director at the request of former UN-SG Kofi Annan. Bindraban has developed various University courses related to Food Security, supervised many PhD candidates and numerous MSc students, and published over 200 research items.