Lahcen BIH


  • Institution:
    Moulay Ismail University
  • Scientific competencies:
    Functional Materials, Glasses, Glass-ceramics, Ceramics, Composites, Processing, Structure, Properties, Characterization by spectroscopic and diffraction techniques, Applications for energy and environment.


Research topics: Functional glass materials and oxide ceramics and applications, including energy and environment, and water treatment.
Our activities on glasses and ceramics which showed many versatility and technical capabilities such as: Glass supports solar cells, Capture and stores hazardous waste, Bioglasses, Electrolytes, Ionic conductors, Electronic conductors, Mixed ionic-electronic conductors, Energy storage, …etc.
Our activities on functional materials span a wide range of applications, including solar-absorber and hydrogen permeation, and catalysis. Desirable functionalities originate from the proper choice of materials and from tailoring chemistry and topology (porosity, control of structure dimensions). The materials are mainly processed using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods such as soft and hard solid state methods.
I have published and co-authored more than 80 papers in international and peer-reviewed journals.