Abdelaziz Baçaoui


  • Institution:
    Cadi Ayyad University (UCA)
  • Scientific competencies:
    Chemical engineering


Abdelaziz Baçaoui obtained his PhD in 2000 at Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech. In 2003, he joined Laval University (Canada) as a post-doc and then as an associate professor in chemical engineering. In 2006 he joined the COREM center, the largest organization in Canada totally devoted to mineral processing R&D) as a senior researcher. In 2008, he joined Cadi Ayyad University as a full professor in the department of chemistry at the FSSM. He has directed several research projects notably with Moroccan companies (OCP, MANAGEM, IRESEN …) and also coordinator of several European and Sub-Saharan projects (PRIMA, ERASMUS …). He has directed ten doctoral theses and is the author of some fifty publications, particularly in the field of mineral processing and upgrading (phosphate, sulphides ore, , etc.).