Abdelaali KOSSIR2



Dr. Abdelaâli KOSSIR is the Director of the Transfer Technology Office at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. He holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry of Industrial Processes from Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris and Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie industrielles de Paris (ESPCI). Prior to taking up his current position he was the Director of R&D at OCP Group and then in charge of Participative Innovation Project.

Dr. Kossir has been working at ESPCI as a researcher prior to joining OCP Group in 1991 as a researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies on Phosphates (CERPHOS) where he has been carrying out several research projects related to phosphate ore, phosphoric acid production and treatment, separation processes and new products, before taking up management positions. He has authored over than 60 papers and 10 patents and contribute to the scale up and industrial transfer of some processes from laboratory research scale to industrial plant construction and commissioning.