Sustainable development of nanotechnology in agriculture

Responsible: M. Abdallah OUKARROUM

Nanotechnology is a promising field of multidisciplinary research and has been introduced in a different array of applied sciences such as in agriculture. Nanotechnology will improve agricultural productivity by development of new techniques like precision farming techniques, new forms of fertilizers and nanotech sensors. The aim of the “Workshop on Sustainable Development of Nanotechnology in Agriculture” is to review the state-of-the-art of R&D of nanotechnology for the agricultural sector.

Speakers :

  • Robert J Hamers (University of Wisconsin Madison): Novel nanomaterials for nutrient delivery
  • Greg Lowry (Carnegie Mellon University): Mobility of nanomaterials in soils
  • Leanne Gilbertson (University of Pittsburgh): Life-cycle assessment in agriculture
  • Juan Pablo Giraldo (University of California Riverside): Plant nano-biotechnology
  • Prof. Abdallah Oukarroum, University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, Morocco: Identification of nutrient deficiency in plant by in vivo prompt fluorescence and modulated 820 nm reflection
  • Prof. Lahcini Mohamed/Prof. Hicham Benyoucef, University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco (titre à determiner)