Sustainable and smart territorial and site planning

The context of urban planning is changing drastically with rise of new complex challenges such as globalization, digitalization, pollution, climate change and a range of related social megatrends. These changes triggered a growing interest in achieving sustainability and smartness as new paradigms of urban practice.  The concepts became the new keys words in many research disciplines related to urban and territorial transformation processes (ecology, urban planning, territorial planning, architecture and engineering) over the last few decades.

In fact, Planning (urban, territorial…) is a major tool and driver of economic development and social mobility and has been recognized as an important factor of sustainable growth. Thanks to the increased awareness of climate change impacts and the rising environmental challenges on the entire economic and social systems; these terms are gaining importance even in disciplines that generally had limited actions on these issues.

To enlarge the scope of the research framework, the term site planning was used in order to involve several disciplines that can be potentially related to the concept of sustainable and smart planning (Mining sites, Agricultural sites…).

Potential sub thematics:

Sustainable territorial and rural planning / Sustainable rural establishments/ Urban geometrics & data analytics / Urban Design and Innovation / Industrial Platforms Planning / Environmental engineering and site planning/ Large infrastructures planning.