Special Issue for the 2nd edition “Phosphate Days 2020” Published in Catalysis Today (IF = 4.888)

Special Issue for the 2nd edition “Phosphate Days 2020” Published in Catalysis Today (IF = 4.888)

Topic of the Special Issue

“New Advances and Applications in Phosphates Chemistry”

Edited by Khalid Bougrin, Mohamed Lahcini, Rachid Benhida

Introduction of Special Issue

During the past years, much attention was devoted to the chemistry of phosphates. This Special Issue entitled “New Advances and Applications in Phosphates Chemistry” will mainly focus on recent progress on the unique of phosphates and the subsequent chemical properties. An important number of new biomaterials from phosphates were clearly characterized. Many other new domains were greatly improved thanks to new phosphates materials such as biotechnological and environmental areas. But, this renovation of interest is also due to the applications of phosphate materials themselves (e.g fertilizers, detergents and food adjuvants…etc)

This special Issue aims mainly at assembling the recent works of general chemistry related to phosphates and its derivatives. One of the aims of the special issue is to describe the phosphates as an inexpensive suitable material for organic synthesis as well as its use in the form of hybrid materials that offers prospects for many new applications in diverse fields. It includes the description of the main types of phosphates catalysts, of their various preparation procedures and of the main reactions catalyzed by them (acid-base type, selective and total oxidations, bi-functional catalysis, photocatalysis and some of the numerous industrial applications.

Timelines for Special Issue

Stage Time
Paper submission in Elsevier System

  • Invitation (if any) to be sent before the first submission date)
2-3 Months
Period of peer-review process

  • (Begins when the first submission is received + X Months)
4-5 Months
Revised manuscript due + Final acceptance 2-3 Months
Total 8 – 11  Months

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** The first submission date: December 1, 2020

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** The final submission deadline:  March 1, 2021

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** The final acceptance deadline (for guest editors): July 1, 2021