Mining Environment and Circular Economy

Under the topic of “Towards sustainable mining”, the session on “Mining Environment& Circular Economy” will address different themes, namely:

  • Set the case of mining wastes (tailings and waste rocks) through best management practices: reuse, valorization, storage, etc.
  • How to transform phosphates by-productsto resources in the framework of circular economy?
  • Apply an industrial ecology approach to the management of mine sites and the life cycle assessment of P
  • Reclamation, rehabilitation and valorization of the mining sites
  • Management, recycling and valorization of phosphogypsum

The main objective of this session is to ensure an overview and to positively contribute to sustainable solutions related to phosphate mining. The session will address in particular the immense challenges faced by the mine industry in the field of mine wastes management and mine sites reclamation. This session will be an opportunity for exchanges by famous experts in the field and share experiences and knowledge in order to foster sustainable « solutions » for the phosphate industry.