Transfert technologique : la voie royale pour la valorisation du chercheur, de ses résultats de recherche et pour la création de richesse

Par: Dr. Abdelaâli KOSSIR
Directeur du Technology Transfer Office, UM6P, Benguerir, Maroc


The Scientific research never has been so present in political speech, public debate and subconscious as in recent months. One of the “positive effects” of the COVID19 pandemic is this “sudden” awareness of the importance of research and its vital role in the socio-economic development of nations. If the COVID 19 crisis should mark a turning point for governments, especially the Moroccan government, to increase the scientific research funds, this must also be an opportunity for researchers to resume their way of conceiving and executing research , and delivering their research results. Research must be useful, exploitable and must have an impact on the Community in general and it have to be a source of wealth creation. To do this, technology transfer presents the appropriate way for the valorization of the research results and the researcher himself, the preparation of the young researchers for active life and their involvement in the development of their country and proving through demonstration, return on investment. In this conference, we will present the technology transfer concept and explain its foundations and processes, show throughout concrete examples the role of technology transfer in the valorization of research results, present its contribution to the researcher carer, and the essential role he plays in innovation and wealth creation.


Dr. Abdelaâli KOSSIR is the Director of the Transfer Technology Office of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. He holds a PhD in Chemistry of Industrial Processes from Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris and Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie industrielles de Paris (ESPCI). Prior to taking up his current position he was the Director of R&D at OCP Group and then in charge of Innovation at OCP. Dr. Kossir has been working at ESPCI as an associate researcher prior to joining OCP Group in 1991 at the Centre for Research and Studies on Phosphates (CERPHOS) where he has been carrying out and leading several research projects related to phosphate ore, phosphoric acid production and treatment, separation processes and new products, before taking up management positions. He has authored over than 60 papers and 10 patents and contributed to the scale up and industrial transfer of some processes from laboratory to industrial scale, plant construction and commissioning.

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